Agreement for Using Alpha sender
1. Sender must booking to Alpha by ALPHA SENDER APP Application. Sender have to book before 18:00 and allow for lead time to pickup at least 2 hrs.
1.1 Booking same day Should be booking 2 hours in advance or 7 am on the day of delivery.
2. Sender can use COD service through any of 3 manners (please choose only 1)
2.1 Write on Box and use Sender App to book Alpha
2.2 Through Booking FILE upload on Alpha CRM website (Desktop)
2.3 API integration
3. Sender shall write sender address on the top left and write receiver address include phone number on the bottom right in front of the box.
4. For COD to collect, Sender must write the letters “COD XXXX” ; XXXX is the baht amount of cod, using BLUE Magic Pen, Size Front is 1-1.5 inch per alphabet, if COD amount more than one thousand must put comma (,) (eg. 1,000 THB) and type Arabic numerals only.
5. Sender shall note the following
5.1 Do NOT Write with pencil or pen thin line.
5.2 Do NOT Write over Receiver and Sender addresses
5.3 Do NOT Write on the bottom / side of the box.
5.4 Do NOT Write text and alphabet not clear.
5.5 Do NOT write in thai words or english words for BAHT amount – only arabic numerals
6. If sender uses BOOKING FILE Upload or API Integration (see above #2) , Sender shall label clearly COD amount on each box as well. If there is a difference, Alpha shall take the COD amount reflected on API integration/ Excel Upload to be the correct one.
Service fee for Post pay
Payment Type Payment Fee Minimum Charge (THB) Maximum Value (THB)
COD 2.00% 25 10,000
1. Alpha shall pick up packages from Sender on D day and return back to Alpha Sort center. (if products are not storage with Alpha)
2. Alpha shall deliver the goods, collect COD and remit this by 1 working day (bank kasikorn) bank other 2 working days
3. Alpha shall provide a written report to Sender on a daily working basis by 2200h on same day after delivery.
4. This report shall include
  • Status Update of Deliveries on same day as well as
  • Cash Remitted for deliveries done on previous day.
5. Sender shall verify on daily working basis this report and revert with discrepancy if there is any within 24 hours of receipt of written report.
6. Report shall be deemed accepted and monies transferred acknowledged if no reply is received within 24 hours of report. Sender agrees without qualification that no claims from Sender shall be made after 24 hours from written report sent.
7. After notification of the delivery status is complete, customers can track the product or protest within 15 days only. After that, the company reserves the right to track the product.
Agreement to use Alpha send Thailand Post service
1. Every parcel that sender want to use Alpha send Thai Post service. Sender have to key in data in Sender Application. Consist of
  • Receiver name
  • Receiver phone number
  • Postal code
  • If sender use excel booking file for upload data or Connect API to Alpha. Sender do not need to key in according data in Sender Application.
Delivery to upcountry
ALPHA always delivers parcels to delivery partners. With additional fees for remote areas And the island area Additional charges will be charged at 50 baht per piece. Alpha will charge you at the end of month. The list of remote areas is as follows.
Postcode Amphore Province
23170 Koh Chang Trat
50240 Hot Chiang Mai
50240 Chom Thong Chiang Mai
50250 Samoeng Chiang Mai
50260 Doi Tao Chiang Mai
50270 Mae Chaem Chiang Mai
50310 Omkoi Chiang Mai
50350 Wiang Haeng Chiang Mai
51160 Thung Hua Chang Lamphun
52160 Thoen Lampang
52180 Mae Phrik Lampang
55220 Bo Kluea Nan
55220 Chaloem Phra Kiat Nan
56160 Chiang Muan Phayao
57170 Wiang Pa Pao Chiang Rai
57180 Mae Suai Chiang Rai
57260 Wiang Pa Pao Chiang Rai
57310 Wiang Kaen Chiang Rai
57340 Khun Tan Chiang Rai
58000 Mae Hong Son Mae Hong Son
58110 Mae Sariang Mae Hong Son
58110 Sop Moei Mae Hong Son
58120 Mae La Noi Mae Hong Son
58130 Kalayaniwattana Chiang Mai
58130 Pai Mae Hong Son
58140 Khun Yuam Mae Hong Son
58150 Pang Mapha Mae Hong Son
63170 Um Phang Tak
67260 Nam Nao Phetchabun
71180 Thong Pha Phum Kanchanaburi
71240 Sangkhla Buri Kanchanaburi
81150 Ko Lanta Krabi
82160 Ko Yao Phangnga
84280 Koh Pha-ngan Surat Thani
84360 Ko Pha Ngan Surat Thani
95110 Betong Yala
95130 Bannang Sata Yala
95150 Than To Yala
95160 Mueang Yala Yala
95170 Than To Yala
96110 Tak Bai Narathiwat
96120 Su-ngai Kolok Narathiwat
96130 Cho-airong Narathiwat
96130 Ra-ngae Narathiwat
96140 Su-ngai Padi Narathiwat
96150 Rueso Narathiwat
96160 Waeng Narathiwat
96190 Sukhirin Narathiwat
96210 Si Sakhon Narathiwat
96220 Chanae Narathiwat
96220 Ra-ngae Narathiwat
1. Alpha Coverage up to 2,000 baht per order.
2. Thailand Post coverage up to 1,000 baht per EMS parcel and 300 baht per Registered parcel.
Alpha will NOT be responsible for any shipment damage/loss without any declared value on the consignment note nor for shipments containing valuable paper, fragile objects, crystal or glass, diamonds, decorative jewelry, perishables, frozen, liquid or cold chain products, illegal items under Thai Law, dangerous goods, artwork and antiques, nor any shipment not being packaged in a proper manner.