Benefits of Alpha Cash on Delivery

Cash on delivery


  • Minimum 25 Baht
  • Transfer back within 24 hours

Alpha Cash on Delivery (COD)

  • Alpha charges Cash on Delivery  only 2% of amount collected (transaction) or a minimum of 25 Baht. For example, if amount collected is 1,250 Baht, Alpha charges 25 Baht.
  • With Alpha COD, you pay for COD fees only if Alpha is successful in collecting the money and there is no other charges.
  • With Alpha COD, we transfer merchants the Cash collected within 48 hours. We do not hold any cash from our merchant.
  • Our COD success rate is over 95% if merchants pack and pass to Alpha within 24 hours. Also, if customer cancels, we inform you and allow you to make decision to contact customer or to return back to you.
  • With the new Alpha Sender app, all you need to do is book us and write the COD amount on the box as shown below in the section - How to use Pay on Delivery.

How to use Alpha Cash on Delivery?